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Elvis Jesus

With their signature T Shirts depicting religious imagery clashed against rock album cover art, dressing up in Elvis Jesus is bound to create a stir.

Elvis Jesus - The Brand

Elvis Jesus keeps no secret in their sinful bid to lure in rebels of fashion. This is a brand empowered by their strong anti-establishment outlook on life, with a slightly unorthodox name, yet incredibly iconic. The Elvis Jesus take on style is exactly what you hear in the name. The British brand is most well known for its statement T Shirts which fuse religious and rock music imagery together. This simple concept has made the Elvis Jesus brand a great hit with musicians, artists and fans alike. But the concept is something that came to creator David Mallon during his early years in the retail industry.

At the beginning of the Nineties Mallon was working in his hometown Manchester, at a local shopping centre selling rock band T Shirts. A few years later he began with his first major foray into fashion, starting up the brand Ringspun. It wasn't until a decade or so later that Elvis Jesus was born. Now the designer brand (sometimes known as EJ) is a favourite amongst the top fashion press, and even musicians worldwide have been known to rock an Elvis Jesus shirt on stage.

David Mallon's eye for urban, edgy style has given him great success in the fashion industry. Known as the 'Streetwear Svengali', Mallon's workaholic lifestyle has seen him pursue new projects whilst remaining in charge of his two labels. In 2007, he opened a store in Manchester stocking Elvis Jesus and Ringspun alongside three other musically inspired labels. The one of a kind store quickly received praised acclaim from shoppers who truly want something different. Style that cannot be copied, Elvis Jesus is bound to remain as legendary as its name for a long time to come.

Elvis Jesus - Classic Styles

An abundance of flair, graphic prints, tough embellishments and bold colours – Elvis Jesus gives you clothing to wear with a care free attitude and full of pride. Not for the faint hearted, Elvis Jesus' mens T Shirts feature your favourite cultural icons, with an untold level of humour.

EJ's T Shirts are their signature product that the brand is most renowned for, and with choices like these it's easy to see why. Favourites like the Elvis Jesus Terminator T Shirt, First Blood T Shirt and Jesus Print T Shirt are the Holy Grail of the brand.

Other printed mens T Shirts include; the Skull Crown T Shirt, Kitchner T Shirt, Bulldog Patch T Shirt and Britains Gangster T Shirt which pays homage to the two icons who bear the brand name. Excessive couture like detailing makes these designer T Shirts stand out from the crowd.

Aside from their distinct shirts, EJ's range of menswear is a collection of everything you need to make your style really individual. Sweatshirts and hooded tops feature strong metal work on the outside, lined with silk on the inside for the ultimate in mens streetwear designers. Studded leather jackets have a contemporary feel, as well as military jackets and casual printed and patterned collared shirts. For the extra daring, shorts by Elvis Jesus come in brave prints that are detailed to the core.

Elvis Jesus womens selection also offer signature printed tees with a rock 'n' roll style. The only similarity you'll find here though is Elvis Jesus' desire to be different.