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What the press say - thumbnail | 13 Feb 2012

 New funding to allow private shopping club to accelerate growth

Download The Telegraph - thumbnail

The Telegraph | 14 Apr 2011

Cash-strapped fashionistas are turning to eBay

Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 02 Mar 2011 to launch new website

Pocket Lint - thumbnail

Pocket Lint | 21 Jan 2011 - Website of the day.

Download The Evening Standard - thumbnail

The Evening Standard | 20 Jan 2011

Cashing in on the secret online bargain-hunters.

Download Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 07 Jan 2011

Nish Kukadia - Executive Predictions 2011.

Download The Appointment - thumbnail

The Appointment | 09 Dec 2010

Conversation with the founders of

Download Scottish Sunday Express - thumbnail

Scottish Sunday Express | 13 Sep 2010

12 week plan for a richer autumn.

Download Ebusiness - thumbnail

Ebusiness | 06 Sep 2010

Thriving etailers attract private equity interest.

Download Fashion United - thumbnail

Fashion United | 23 Aug 2010 receives multi-million pound investment.

Download Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 20 Aug 2010 appoints John McKenzie as associate buying director from BrandAlley.

Download Tech Crunch Europe - thumbnail

Tech Crunch Europe | 16 Aug 2010 raises second found of funding from investors

Download Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 14 Aug 2010

Brands4Friends ups stakes in

Download Retail Week - thumbnail

Retail Week | 13 Aug 2010

Cash injection to lift private sales etailer's profile.

Download - thumbnail | 30 Jul 2010

Home House Press Event.

Download Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 24 Apr 2010

Michael Cody - Finance Director at on

Download Ebusiness - thumbnail

Ebusiness | 15 Apr 2010

The secret's out - the DNA of secret-sales site.

Download Daily Telegraph - thumbnail

Daily Telegraph | 21 Jan 2010; The best online designer outlet for accessories.

Download - thumbnail | 05 Nov 2009

Every week in London you can find deeply discounted clothing and accessories

Download - thumbnail | 05 Nov 2009

If you're into high fashion get into some members-only fashion websites

Download Oxfordshire Preview - thumbnail

Oxfordshire Preview | 05 Nov 2009

Virtually all clothing and accessory labels are now available online

Download Prudent Press Agency - thumbnail

Prudent Press Agency | 04 Nov 2009

Many consumers are on the hunt for quality styles at reduced prices

Download Drapers - thumbnail

Drapers | 17 Aug 2009

What do you see is the potential for offering mass customised apparel via the internet?

Download - thumbnail | 18 Jun 2009

Search for online gems. Don't pay top dollar for designer clothes

Download - thumbnail | 15 Apr 2009

Luxury Tax Break Lingerie Sales

Download Living Etc - thumbnail

Living Etc | 14 Apr 2009

Nine steps to credit crunch decorating

Download - thumbnail | 29 Mar 2009

Shopping Clubs with outlet prices on famous brands is the new trend on the web

Download - thumbnail | 06 Mar 2009

City chic on a budget

Download - thumbnail | 06 Feb 2009

Want life’s luxuries for less? Here’s how to save money and still indulge those guilty pleasures.

Download Dudley News - thumbnail

Dudley News | 24 Jan 2009

Sick of the sales? Update your wardrobe with all-year-round purse friendly fashions.

Download The Telegraph - thumbnail

The Telegraph | 21 Jan 2009

Find sunglasses, jewellery, hats and more by designers including Roberto Cavalli.

Download Pop Sugar - thumbnail

Pop Sugar | 20 Jan 2009

Do you shop at online sales sites?

Download E Consultancy - thumbnail

E Consultancy | 20 Jan 2009

The largest "private online club" in the competitive clothing sector in the UK.

Download Sunday Times - thumbnail

Sunday Times | 18 Jan 2009

Bags of bargains were to be had yesterday on discount websites selling designer labels.

Download Times Online - thumbnail

Times Online | 18 Jan 2009

The queen of internet fashion is to offer top labels with up to 80% off

Download - thumbnail | 18 Jan 2009

The flurry of January sales may be dwindling but shoppers hunting for a bargain will soon be...

Download Sunday Times - thumbnail

Sunday Times | 18 Jan 2009

Cheap chic:  Designer garb to go online.

Download Mail Online - thumbnail

Mail Online | 11 Nov 2008

Hunt down bargain designer fashion finds at the season's hottest secret sample sales

Download - thumbnail | 04 Nov 2008

International Consumers' Demand for Luxe Bargains is Growing

Download Sunday Times - thumbnail

Sunday Times | 27 Oct 2008

A  new breed of online "flash" sale site offering big-label discounts.

Download Grazia - thumbnail

Grazia | 21 Aug 2007

‘Sale-price designer goods by brands like Gucci and YSL!’

Download Reveal - thumbnail

Reveal | 21 Aug 2007

If you love your sales and one heck of a bargain, then visit this little treasure...I’m addicted!

Download - thumbnail | 17 Aug 2007

Join the club and make your wardrobe budget go that bit farther!

Download - thumbnail | 13 Aug 2007

Free from pushing and queuing, but still full of

Download Daily Mirror - thumbnail

Daily Mirror | 01 Aug 2007

For designer brands at 30 to 80 per cent off, go to

Download - thumbnail | 01 Aug 2007

Online sales to check out this month from the people at Secret Sales

Download - thumbnail | 31 Jul 2007

With up to 80% off the usual retail price, this secret may no longer be well hidden.


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Fab fab fab.

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Keep up the good work.

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Brilliant. I love secret sales especially the watch sales. Thank you.

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Great site keep it up.

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Good site overall. I enjoy using it.

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Keep it up.

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As per usual I am very happy with everything.

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Keep up the good work.

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Great service and website. I recommend you all the time.

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Keep up a good affordable quality merchandise.

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Quick view is fab.

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I think the site is really good with a good selection.

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Everything about your website is great.

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Good quality.

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Ryan J | 17 Jul 2012

Excellent site with fantastic savings. I cannot get enough of it.

Mavis M | 16 Jul 2012

What can I say but just great service. Thank you.

Emmanuel A | 16 Jul 2012

Fantastic knowing you.

Izabela Z | 16 Jul 2012

Love shopping with Secretsales.

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I have grown to love this site.

E J | 12 Jul 2012

Very good service. No complaints.

Carlton B | 12 Jul 2012

Excellent stuff. Keep it coming.

Paul W | 12 Jul 2012

Brilliant site.

Stu H | 11 Jul 2012

Great deals and great service. Thanks for letting me be a member.

Lorraine B | 11 Jul 2012

I love this site.

Debra N | 11 Jul 2012

Excellent website.

Debra N | 11 Jul 2012

Excellent website.

Maria F | 10 Jul 2012

You are a very good seller.

Maria F | 10 Jul 2012

Secretsales are fantastic.

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Great site. Thanks

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Philip B | 28 Jun 2012

Excellent Site.

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Denise R | 27 Jun 2012

I love it.

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A great site with a fantastic range of brands and goods.

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Excellent site. I cannot wait to see what is being offered next.

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I love your great bargins.

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This platform is really interesting as it allows me to buy things that you know you need or wish to buy at some point when it is the right price and opportunity. For example I just bought six nice Champagne glasses. One of those things that every household should have but you would not really go out and buy during your usual weekend shopping.

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Very good user friendly website.

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Keep up the good work that you are doing.

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I totally enjoy and love this site.

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This website is awesome.

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I love secret sales as it is so easy to shop with this website. I cannot complain about any part of the service you provide. I will continue to spend with you always.

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Always really good bargains and very tempting.

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Great products excellent quality. Thankyou. Good solid brands makes all the difference.

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Thank you.

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Excellent site. A great idea to notify members first. Thank you.

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I love secret sales.

Clair S | 05 Jun 2012

Overall I think this is a brilliant website and it is so easy to navigate with brilliant information about the products which is rare. I cannot wait for my order to arrive.

Patrick H | 05 Jun 2012

Very Good.

Carol M | 05 Jun 2012

I have always been thrilled with my goods from secret sales and would urge anyone to give it a go.

Anne M | 04 Jun 2012

Exciting idea.

Marian M | 31 May 2012

Great website.

Verena J | 31 May 2012

I am a happy customer. Great deals. Keep going.

Patrick H | 30 May 2012

Very Good.

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Jenny P | 29 May 2012

Great value for money.

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Very good keep up the good work.

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Excellent savings and a fantastic website. It is well worth using.

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I think it is a wonderful website. I am waiting for my first order to arrive and then I will check the quality of the goods but it looks beautiful. I cannot stop logging on and spending what I should not be.

Tanya F | 24 May 2012

I wish I had more money to give you.

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Tim L | 18 May 2012

Fantastic savings.

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Thanks for the great stuff.

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Elaine I | 16 May 2012

Your site is excellent.I am a new user and find it one of the best I have used. Easy to negotiate and checkout again the quickest and easiest I have used. Thank you for bringing such wonderful brands at affordable prices. Something for everyone.

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Great site. I cannt believe I only just found out about it. I will be referring all my family and friends. Thanks.

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Amazing website. Amazing deals. I Will be shopping here before I go anywhere else.

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Love it mate.

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Excellent choice.

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Loving the prices of the kipling bags.

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June R | 04 May 2012

Very good value.

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Very pleased with service to date. Delivery seems to have sped up a great deal. Many thanks

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Thank You.

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Really love this website.

Rohit T | 30 Apr 2012

I really thank my friend RG who has shared her secret of purchases with me. This site is just awesome with jaw dropping prices and much better than Madbid eBay and Amazon.

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Great Thanks.

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Love it all.

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Keep up the good work.

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Only praise. Everything I have purchased has been brilliant.

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Very good service.

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I like this website very much. My mother likes it even more.

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Good selection and prices are quite good.

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I really love this site . I have never done online shopping but now I am addicted to this site.

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Overall this is a fantastic ideaand well executed. Congrats.

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I have only placed one previous order which I cancelled due to time of delivery but I am very impressed with your staff and fabulous service.

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Brilliant site. I have recommended to a few friends.

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I love your website and the discounts are fantastic thanks.

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I think Secret sales is a great website .

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Excellent website always come here for presents and bargains on well known brands.

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I love secret sales. Everyone comments on how nice the things I buy from you are.

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Very good site with a good selection of goods of all types.

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Great website and easy to use.

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I enjoy browsing your site. I can usually find something I like and do not always need. So what you are only here once.

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Great range of sales I always check to see what is there. I have been very happy with previous orders.

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I love shopping on here so easy and simple.

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I Would like to say that I have been in contact with your customer service department and the lady I spoke to was exceptional. She was very polite helpful a good listener and resolved my enquiry with great satisfaction an asset to your company. Thank you.

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Good Website.

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Too tempting and very hard to resist a good bargin.

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I really like that you offer well curated and highend vintage items in sales. Really cool. Your checkout process is easy the least excruciating of all and you offer so many brands that it is hard not to buy all the time. I am really glad I found out about secretsales. com

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I love this site with all the top names. And best of all you do not have to pay the top prices.

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Great Stuff.

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Thank you Secretsales I am a huge fan of yours.

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Excellent site. I have learned to check emails more quickly.

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Thank you for all the brands.

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Seriously good website amazing stuff. Thank you.

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Great service. Thank you.

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I really like the prices. They are affordable.

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Very pleased thus far.

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Really great site with great prices.

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Nice Service.

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Very happy with the site no complaints after a year of using the site.

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I am so happy to have discovered your site. I love getting a bargain and all the items I have purchased have certainly been bargains. You have such a great choice of brands. It is like a lucky dip every time I come onto the site. I have to stop myself from ordering handbags bacause there is always such a good choice. Keep up the good work.

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Best for shopping.

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Excellent value thanks very much.

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Great site.

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Carry on with what you do. Brilliant.

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Keep up the good work.Thanks

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Excellent service and prompt refunds.

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Really good website. I will use again.

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Generally I was impressed.

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Great website.

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I love the sales.

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Thank you for providing a professional service.

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Great job.

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Very good website lovely items.

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Good choice of goods.

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I like the site very much and tell friends about it. Thank you for providing great deals.

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Very good.

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Brilliant site very easy to use love it.

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Fab site. Thankyou.

Jenny C | 28 Feb 2012

I buy fairly frequently from this site and find the prices are unexpectedly low in most cases. The purchases made arrive in good time and well packed.

Elaine R | 28 Feb 2012

Always pleased with purchases especially the gorgeous Patrick Cox Belinda Boots at a steal thank you.

W L | 28 Feb 2012

Thank you.

Sharon D | 27 Feb 2012

Your website is good and full of goodies.

Wendy B | 26 Feb 2012

Love it.

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Even on a tight budget.I have been able to afford some items for gifts and have been able to treat myself on a few occasions.

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Keep up the great service Thanks.

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Great site very good discounts excellent products.

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I have been delighted with all my purchases.

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Sweet for real.

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Just to say secretsales are fabulous.

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Thank you for the prompt delivery the present for my sister.

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Thank you.

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Love it.

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A great site with good prices.

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Value for money.

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Really good deals.

Kelly C | 21 Feb 2012

I will not recommend Secretsales because I want the bargains for myself.

Norma M | 19 Feb 2012 is brilliant and I cannot wait each day to see what new products are on offer.

Sukhvinder S | 19 Feb 2012

Keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy looking through all the offers and making purchases at a reduced price.

Elkasmi A | 18 Feb 2012


Aisha P | 17 Feb 2012

Love the site.

Anthony F | 17 Feb 2012

Nice website layout.

David O | 17 Feb 2012

Excellent experience once again. Always a pleasure to shop on Secret Sales.

Jacqui G | 16 Feb 2012

I am so pleased this website has been revamped since my last comments and works like a dream thank you for listening.

Sian D | 16 Feb 2012

I enjoy browsing through all the sales. The sevices are very good you let me know by email when to expect my orders.

Patricia H | 16 Feb 2012

Good site. Good value and good customer service.

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Thank you.

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An excellent site which makes shopping for our needs much easier and cost effective.

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Please stop doing such good bargains I am running out of money.

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Great site with great prices. I am happy to have found this whilst searching.

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Brilliant keep up the good work Excellent.

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I like the variety which you do not get on other sites or stores for goods that you would not usually buy. I love getting a bargin.

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Thank you for a very good service.

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All great when we are not wealthy and can get a chance to purchase as we too do love branded stuff. So well done to the site and shopping best buys.

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I like it very much as I can save more money than buying it by it retail price.

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So far so good. I cannot wait to get my new bag. Thank you.

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Products are good value.

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A wide range of brands are offered. An extremely good site offering extremely good discounts. Will definitely shop on the site again.

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Will definately shop again.

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I like the range of brands you showcase. Items delivered as advised and in good order.

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Very useful.

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Great site addicted totally.

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Amazing website.

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Very happy with secretsales.

Denise T | 08 Feb 2012

All good I shop regularly.

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Love the site.

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Much better than trailing the high street.

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Great site.

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I have never done internet shopping before but found this very easy to use.

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Keep up the good work.

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I like the thirty pounds delivery for a year it has made me purchase more items.

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Very good website good choice and easy to use.

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Great website. I am really pleased so far. Quick no quibble refunds unlike your competitors. Great discounts.

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A Brilliant Website.

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Great place to shop at and ridiculously cheap prices.

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All round excellence.

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A great site to view daily.

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Great site. I love that I can buy items that are ready and available in the uk.

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I love saving money on decent items.

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Some very good reductions.

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Excellent shopping experience. Thank you.

Michelle M | 30 Jan 2012

All is good I love this site.

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Good job.

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Thank You.

Gail C | 29 Jan 2012

My partner uses secretsales a lot so thought I thought to give it a go. I love the site and the bargains to be had.

Hiba A | 26 Jan 2012


Hiba A | 26 Jan 2012


Ben S | 26 Jan 2012

Smooth and efficient just like it should be.

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I cannot wait for my dress to arrive.

Christine S | 25 Jan 2012

Excellent sevice.

Munawar S | 25 Jan 2012

Thank you again for brilliant items at brilliant prices.

Maryann | 25 Jan 2012

Great keep it up.

Karen G | 24 Jan 2012

Brilliant website with regular emails and notifications of what is just in. Love the fact it is members only too so not everyone get to grab the items. I cannot think of how you could improve the service or website to be honest. I am waiting for my first order from you so hope I will not be dissapointed. I already have a selection of the items know the quality and fully appreciate the saving I am getting. Thank you

Michael | 24 Jan 2012

Nice easy service at good prices.

Lima | 24 Jan 2012

Very good.

Wayne H | 23 Jan 2012

Thank you.

Janet J | 21 Jan 2012

I have only been shopping with secretsales for about one month. Both my partner and I are really enjoying the service and goods so far. We both will not hesistate to recommend friends and family to gain some vouchers but also to pass on the good word of your excellent web site.

Annie H | 21 Jan 2012

This site is brilliant and I appreciate the shopping opportunities that it offers.

FA | 21 Jan 2012

Keep up the good work.

Ciara C | 21 Jan 2012

Great site I use it all the time.

Ashraf K | 18 Jan 2012

Superb guys and gals keep up the great work. Five star service.

Susan D | 18 Jan 2012


Elizabeth C | 18 Jan 2012

Thank you.

Shah M | 17 Jan 2012

All the best.

Alex W | 17 Jan 2012

Always brilliant. I have been incredibly happy with every item of goods sold to me.

Keisha B | 17 Jan 2012

This site is brilliant. So addictive.

Pauline H | 16 Jan 2012

Secret sales is a fantastic site and I have recommended it to family and friends. You get quality goods for a fraction of the retail price.

Carley R | 15 Jan 2012

Great always a bargain to be had.

Sevinj B | 14 Jan 2012

Thank you.

Alan B | 13 Jan 2012

Fab as always.

Catherine F | 13 Jan 2012

I will continue to use the site.

W L | 12 Jan 2012

Thanks for such a great site.

Tina W | 12 Jan 2012

Great to see different sales. Thank you.

G V | 12 Jan 2012

Keep up the good work.

Lydie N | 11 Jan 2012

I love it.

Liz M | 11 Jan 2012

I love the site as it is.

Tracey H | 10 Jan 2012

The site is excellent.

Luke W | 10 Jan 2012

Keep up the elvis jesus sales I love their stuff.

Tracey H | 10 Jan 2012

The site is excellent.

Nicky H | 09 Jan 2012

Great website and plenty of genuine bargains.

Zuhaib S | 09 Jan 2012

I am happy with this company.

Maria F | 09 Jan 2012

Secretsales is a fantastic group.

Roger C | 08 Jan 2012

Great just great.

Lydia Z | 08 Jan 2012

Thanks for the good service.

Imran S | 08 Jan 2012

I found this very helpful and look forward to shopping with you in the near future.

Nicola F | 07 Jan 2012

It is the best thing since sliced bread.

David M | 07 Jan 2012

Very good.

Patrick H | 07 Jan 2012

Always happy with you.

Roger C | 06 Jan 2012

A totally reliable site. Great products and great deals. Thanks

Louise C | 06 Jan 2012

Thank you for providing a excellent range of products at excellent prices.

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The whole payment process was so easy to use and the fact that you can have a delivery address that is different to the billing address is also a big plus for me as I spend more time at work than at home, so it's more convenient and safer to have things delivered to my place of work if I am not at home.

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Alastair D | 01 Jun 2011

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Waiting for my first purchase ! Excited.

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This site is very easy to use especially for someone like me who is 50+ and fairly new to internet shopping.

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I love Secret sales and don't bother going shopping's fun waiting to see what sales come up, and the £20 all year delivery is excellent value too. On the only occasion that I had an issue with a product and returned it I was really impressed at how courteous and quick my refund was! brill!

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Brilliant website!

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Excellent service - very prompt refunds too.

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Great! I love you!

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Great site and even better now the billing information submission pages have been changed - even easier to use!!

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A new site that I had not heard of. Interesting and look forward to browsing/shopping again.

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Have always had a great service whenever ordering anything. Many thanks.

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Great site, easy to use, prices excellent and it's nice to receive a little voucher if you are spending over £70.00. Makes you feel like a valued customer.. Very happy indeed.

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I love the secret sale! You can get good stuff straight away.

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Brilliant site, HUGE SAVINGS on top brands... cant fault it, thankyou.

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Ma L | 12 Feb 2010

Secret Sales are always great to deal with!

Ricky S | 12 Feb 2010

Always enjoy using your site - great deals on some fantastic products!

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Wendy W | 12 Feb 2010

Very good, easy transaction.

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Easy to use site with great offers.

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Loving the site!

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I enjoy looking around secret sales and spending my money!!

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Excellent site with a brilliant choice of items, thankyou.

Susan B | 10 Feb 2010

Great site with fabulous bargains.

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Delighted with all aspects of service and product selection. Many thanks.

Pratick R | 10 Feb 2010

Great items keep it up. Will be back soon.

Anna C | 09 Feb 2010

LOVE this website! get so many bargains!

Amanda K | 09 Feb 2010

I am very impressed with the website and very happy that I found it.

Kelly G | 09 Feb 2010

Very good will use the site again and tell friends to use it too and save some pennies :) x

Ashleigh G | 08 Feb 2010

Love your site, love the huge discounts on designer jeans.

Chilka U | 08 Feb 2010


Liz DP | 08 Feb 2010

Excellent new way of finding gifts online.

Lorraine D | 08 Feb 2010

Fantastic website, lots of choice and at really great reduced prices too!! I've recommended a few friends too!! Great for personal shopping as well as present shopping too. Thanks!

Claire C | 08 Feb 2010

Fabulous fabulous fabulous!

Jane K | 08 Feb 2010

Great prices & brands & really good photos of merchandise. Love that you use Royal Mail as if I'm out when postie comes I can just pop to the sorting office to pick up my parcel. Some couriers can be a pain.

Simon B | 08 Feb 2010

Very Pleased.Great value.

Anne SA | 07 Feb 2010

I especially like your emails reminding me of your sales; - very good.

Emma W | 07 Feb 2010

Very nice site definetly recommend well done xxx

Sarah P | 06 Feb 2010

Really like the site and the bargain shopping. I'm really hoping that my most recent purchase from hobo will come in a nice presentation of some sort as they are meant to be gifts. Secret sales was great for xmas, it saved me from going totally broke!

Rebecca C | 06 Feb 2010

I love this site!! I love shopping but i'm not prepared to pay the high prices for some items. This site lets me get them at exactly the sort of price I can afford. I also love the underwear sales by Caprice and Ultimo, as they have my size! I can never find bras big enough for me in shops!! Thank you Secret Sales!

Celia S | 06 Feb 2010

Fantastic bargains and a wide variety of brands and products, great site!

Audrey L | 06 Feb 2010

I have used secret sales a few times and have always had good service.

Lynda W | 06 Feb 2010

Site was very easy to use, good high resolution photo's and easy to identify the items needed.

Dawn S | 05 Feb 2010

I just love this site.Keep up the good work.

Julia K | 05 Feb 2010

I love this site.

Esther F | 05 Feb 2010

Great site, great products, great prices. Staff helpful & courteous. Prompt delivery always of goods.

Claire C | 05 Feb 2010

You are wonderful! I hardly shop anywhere else.

Karen Z | 05 Feb 2010

I enjoy accessing this site everyday to see the bargins!

Felicity H | 04 Feb 2010

I love this site...I often end up buying lots of little things at a time & getting birthday gifts etc sorted. Everyone that I have told about this site thinks its great too.

Claire LD | 04 Feb 2010

Enjoy shopping on this site - items dispatched quickly and in good condition! Looking forward to receiving my latest purchases!

Linda M | 03 Feb 2010

You have been good at keeping me informed about the progress of my orders and the when to expect delivery.

Elaine M | 03 Feb 2010

Love the site, except it's so tempting, I have to restrain myself! Just bought some candles that I paid a fortune for on the company's website, so I'm really delighted.

Moira P | 03 Feb 2010

Efficient and friendly service from staff on phone.

Neeta P | 03 Feb 2010

I think this is a brill website. Good prices & all the designer goods I need!!!! Thanks keep up the good work.

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Good to have a site that has more affordable stock & has things for gifts.

Harriet F | 03 Feb 2010

Great website! Will be shopping here again!

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So convenient... can shop in between tasks at home. As akways, I look forward to recieving my order.

Pauline M | 03 Feb 2010

Absolutely love this site and the great value goods that you have.

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I was very impressed with the site.

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I love the Secret Sales and tell all my family and friends about the amazing bargains available, quick delivery and top quality products.

Victoria C | 02 Feb 2010

I have saved a fortune from Secret Sales, and always tell my friends about it!

Frances B | 02 Feb 2010

Great service - also like the fact that I can pay postage for 12 months ahead.

Russell T | 02 Feb 2010

Great very easy to navigate round easy to buy from.

Nina LJ | 01 Feb 2010

I really like being reminded about sales and the whole process was well organised and easy. Will definetly recommend to a friend and I will be shopping with you again, thanks!

Wendy S | 31 Jan 2010

Love pink and black and easy design layout and design without annoying pop-up windows and frames. Will visit again as you have items that suit me at a price that is affordable without the reduction in quality or brand name - thanks!

Elaine G | 31 Jan 2010

Superb! Only found this site by chance, but will definitely use it in the future. The gift is a 40th birthday present for my best friend, but without your site I would never be able to afford such a beautiful bag.

June P | 31 Jan 2010

We call it the family site, it caters for all age groups and all different styles, its like a huge shopping precint on one web site, we used it for a newborn, great nan aged 90, and 18th , 21st gifts, and for me 45!

Elaine S | 31 Jan 2010

Very impressive especially on savings/discounts.

Julie T | 30 Jan 2010

Lovely site. Enjoy very much. A little bit too tempting.

Michelle M | 30 Jan 2010

Secret Sales is the perfect way of getting designer items at high street prices and with the email alerts keeping me informed a few days before a sale I do not miss out when it is something I really like.

Sarah H | 30 Jan 2010

I love this site, it's so easy to use.

Caroline M | 30 Jan 2010

This site is great, so many bargains and the notification e-mails make sure you don't miss anything - Thanks!! :D

Fiona R | 30 Jan 2010

Great! Love it!

Linda R | 29 Jan 2010

Excellent prices - easy to follow instructions - thanks!

Helen C | 29 Jan 2010

I love this website and check it daily!

Laura C | 29 Jan 2010

All good so far, thank you.

Pat K | 28 Jan 2010


Nathalie B | 28 Jan 2010

This is only my second order with you, but I love your site and offers more and more every time I look.

Liz H | 27 Jan 2010

Brilliant site. My favourite!

Sandeep B | 27 Jan 2010

Thank you for a very easy purchase and great discount.

Sena W | 27 Jan 2010

Very good service, would always buy from you!

Tracey A | 26 Jan 2010

Good easy to follow shopping and well designed.

Claire O | 26 Jan 2010

Great site - love it!! Variation is great and your shipping is usually really quick too!! thank you xx

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Excellent, I look forward to doing more shopping with you.

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Excellent service and site.

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Excellent site extremely good value.

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Easy to navigate and purchase item.

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It's great to do business with the Company.

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All round very good and easy to use site, you can find the item you are looking for fast and the prices they are very low for top end items :)

Linda W | 24 Jan 2010

It's so much fun! Always something new and different.

Michelle W | 24 Jan 2010

Very good choice good value too.

Sara G | 23 Jan 2010

Love this site. More stuff please!

Kerry G | 23 Jan 2010

Good discounts, would shop here again if the price is right!

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Have ordered once before from you and were extremely pleased with products (Aromatherapy Associates)and your excellent service. I have recommended you to several friends.

Jo M | 23 Jan 2010

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Need I Say More.

Paul P | 22 Jan 2010

A first class site with up to date trends at very good prices.

Linda M | 21 Jan 2010

Just discovered that you give a warning if items in the basket are about to time-expire. This is so civilised, I've been shopping on a site before where the basket just got raided without warning and was a frustrating experience - it felt like being mugged. Thank you for allowing the shopping to be a calmer more civilised experience!

James M | 20 Jan 2010

A very user friendly website with great offers and savings!!

Terri G | 20 Jan 2010

Easy to use and great to look at.

Vanita M | 20 Jan 2010

I think ur site is great!! :-) x

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I have had some good buys keep up the good work!

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Thanks for your amazing discounts!

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I love this site and I am delighted that you deliver to the Channel Islands.

Leah R | 19 Jan 2010

I look forward to making many more purchases...Excellent site

Julie T | 19 Jan 2010

Enjoy the site and the products.

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Some really good bargains from places I wouldn't really shop from normally.

Judith A | 19 Jan 2010

Good and the best for me and my home.

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Fab place to shop xxx

Mary C | 18 Jan 2010

Easy as usual!

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Very good - many bargains.

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Love it. Used it for years now and hope to continue for many more years..

Heledn W | 17 Jan 2010

Excellent site giving opportunity to purchase all types of items at reduced prices.

Pauline M | 17 Jan 2010

As always i have enjoyed my shopping spree... look forward to recieving my purchases.

Marie O | 16 Jan 2010

I love shopping on your site love the handbags and the sales.

Vanessa W | 16 Jan 2010


Alex F | 16 Jan 2010

Excellent website!!! Some great little finds on here.

Valerie C | 15 Jan 2010

This site is very good & has almost everything you need...

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Love the ease of use and the variety of brand you have. Will use again.

Valerie C | 15 Jan 2010

This site is very good & has almost everything you need...

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Love the ease of use and the variety of brand you have. Will use again.

Jan C | 15 Jan 2010

Brilliant web site..... Keep it up.

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Great site, lots to offer.

Sarah H | 15 Jan 2010

Everything I've ordered, has came on time and been really looked after. Love how different each sale is and how good the prices are. Have reconmended this site to friends and family and they agree how good this site is xxx

Sally H | 15 Jan 2010

Although I have been a memeber for a while this is the first order I have placed and I found it very straight forward to do.

Charline J | 14 Jan 2010

I adore this site. It's one I check every day.

Neil R | 14 Jan 2010

Liked the way you remembered my details - brand alley never seems to do that .

Marie W | 14 Jan 2010

I adore this site. It's one I check every day.

Aidan J | 14 Jan 2010

Great sire and service as usual. Thanks and happy new year!

Olivia C | 14 Jan 2010

Love the site. Was a Godsend for Christmas and everything is such good value.

Jayne G | 13 Jan 2010

Excellant secret love it xxxxxxxxx

Margaret H | 13 Jan 2010

Too Easy I am spending a fortune!!

Hilary G | 13 Jan 2010

The choice has greatly improved since I first joined - I love it!

Glynis W | 13 Jan 2010

Have bought lots of lovely things. Used some for presents, but kept many for myself.

Richard B | 13 Jan 2010

Really good site used before has some great deals.

Sian C | 13 Jan 2010

Have bought many lovely things from you!

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You have done it again.All my shopping needs in 30 minutes browsing.BRILLIANT!!!!!

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Love your sales.. only problem is that I can't stop spending. Great products & amazing discounts ;)

Jo D | 13 Jan 2010

Impressed with the choice of products and the prices - very good.

Suzy R | 12 Jan 2010

I love your site and I am thrilled with my purchases today!

Nichola P | 12 Jan 2010

This is the 2nd order that I have placed and have been really pleased with my items. I really look forward to getting my reminder emails each week! The items are good value and varied and the goods have arrived undamged and in good time. I have recommemded you to all my friends!

Freya M | 12 Jan 2010

Love this site and with regards to recent query very prompt and courteous service. Thank you.

Angela I | 11 Jan 2010

Brilliant keep it up!

Sile M | 11 Jan 2010

Nice site, easy to negotiate, and lots of bargains.

Helen P | 11 Jan 2010

I have always been very pleased with your service so far!

Margaret H | 11 Jan 2010

This is one of many orders and I have always been satisfied with service. Thank you.

Penny S | 11 Jan 2010


Michael B | 11 Jan 2010

It's good to find a bargain now and again.

Kashma N | 11 Jan 2010

It's a great website I love it.

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Great site and fantastic bargains.

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Love this site and think your savings are fab!

Val A | 11 Jan 2010

Great to have such variety in your items. Cheers!

Rebecca C | 11 Jan 2010

Very well laid out site and good informational weekly emails.

Hayley C | 11 Jan 2010

I really like the look of your products and cant wait for my order to come !!

Gillian C | 10 Jan 2010

I use this site quite often and browse through it 4 times a week and find it excellent x.

Paul R | 10 Jan 2010

A pleasure to deal with.

Michelle W | 10 Jan 2010

Very good easy to use site. Very good secret sales.

Jean W | 09 Jan 2010

Very good products quick delivery and nicely packed.

Eleanor P | 09 Jan 2010

I have been using this site a long time now, it is def my secret!

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First order - very simple.

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I enjoy the varied choice of products at very competitive prices.

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Thankyou - all of the items I have purchased from you have been excellent as is your service.

Nancy D | 08 Jan 2010

Great , so glad I found you.

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Great place, great bargains!

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Brilliant site! Excellent prices.

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I am extremely happy with the service and all my purchases.

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Excellent site with genuine reductions.

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Love the site - keep up the good work.

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Another great saving. Fantastic site!!

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Good variety of sales at good prices. Keep up the good work!

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Great selection of brands and bargain prices, great site!

Adele A | 08 Jan 2010


Jan T | 08 Jan 2010

I like the website and love getting you new sale items.

Elizabeth B | 07 Jan 2010

Excellent site, and value for money.

Pat M | 07 Jan 2010

I'm addicted!

Anna-Marie T | 07 Jan 2010

Love Secret Sales ... especially when you have Dyrberg/Kern on sale.

Tessa J | 07 Jan 2010

Keep up the brilliant sales .

Yvonne W | 06 Jan 2010

Fantastic site, with fantastic bargains!! xxx

Anne D | 06 Jan 2010

I always enjoy waiting to see what offers Secret Sales has to offers. One of my favourite sites.

Simone S | 06 Jan 2010

Excellent prices and value for money. Even better when voucher codes are available.

Emma S | 06 Jan 2010

Great Site... love it!

Louise SP | 05 Jan 2010

I love this site. You can find loads of good things.

Jenny P | 05 Jan 2010

Great value for money.

Janine J | 05 Jan 2010

As always; just great!

Pauline M | 04 Jan 2010

Great having a good variety of shopping by the fire... great prices too, I'm a student therefore I need low prices, but do not want low quality, thank you,x

Kirsty Q | 04 Jan 2010

Love this website good value clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

Michelle W | 04 Jan 2010

Very good selection off sales very good prices love secret sales:)

Ellie H | 02 Jan 2010

Very good overall.

Caroline C | 02 Jan 2010

Excellent site and easy to use.

Noreen C | 02 Jan 2010


Yvonne L | 02 Jan 2010

Have now ordered several items from you and have been very pleased with everything I have bought. Thank you!

Liz H | 01 Jan 2010

Best site ever!

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Fantastic!!! :)

Irene C | 01 Jan 2010


Jon M | 01 Jan 2010

Very slick web app and some great deals.

Jean W | 01 Jan 2010

Products have always been very well packed and nice.

Alicia L | 01 Jan 2010

I really like the site and the ease of navigation. Keep up the Good work - I would very much love to see the Nat and Ollie bags make a come back - they are delicious.

Scarlett G | 01 Jan 2010

Very quick and easy to use, great products with lots of info e.g. size guide etc.

Gerald G | 01 Jan 2010

Great site, easy to navigate and pay. Great discounts.

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Lulu B | 01 Jan 2010

Really enjoy you site and happy with the products many thanks.

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Very easy to navigate.

Claire H | 01 Jan 2010

Hi I am loving the bargins!!!!!!!!

Pat M | 31 Dec 2009

Please continue your great customer services and bargains!!

Samantha B | 31 Dec 2009

Very good web site was easy to order thank you.

Simon C | 31 Dec 2009

Always good customer service! Thanks.

Holly L | 31 Dec 2009

Fantastic sales, much better than the rest.

Lucy H | 23 Dec 2009

Very good value clothes and easy checkout! Well Done!

Michelle B | 23 Dec 2009

LOVE the fantastic deals, great bargins!!!!

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Really like the website my mum told me about it ive had alot of things off here ..think it was a great idea whoever came up with it ...

Deborah F | 23 Dec 2009

Once again, another successful purchase due to the easy processes available. Thanks!

Gemma R | 23 Dec 2009

Hello, I think your site is great and very user friendly. I've discovered some fantastic designer brands that I didn't know about through your sales. Keep up the good work!

Anthony A | 22 Dec 2009

Excellent prices and sales.

Irrem S | 22 Dec 2009

This site is brillaint though I think they should have more designer brands like armani, prada, d&g and so on. But overall briilant the prices can not be beaten. Thanks.

Denise G | 21 Dec 2009

Satisfied with every purchase made.

Paul N | 21 Dec 2009

Love the site.... great range of products !

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I think this site has very good sales. Fantastic bargains on designer names. Thankyou.

Fiona C | 21 Dec 2009

As always, excellent. Thank you.

Sean B | 21 Dec 2009

The site it amazing, and I am very pleased with the service. I have no complaints and am constantly recommending the site to people. The emails I receive and priceless.

Michael A | 20 Dec 2009

It's nice to see a site where big names are available at low prices. And to add it would be cool to see more 'male' clothing sales. I love the hoody I've ordered thank you very much. Wicked:P

Sheeza A | 20 Dec 2009

Overall an excellent shopping site.

Francisca J | 20 Dec 2009

Just find the sevice easy to use.

Claire S | 18 Dec 2009

This site is fantastic! What a find!

Dawn M | 18 Dec 2009

Fantastic wish I'd found it sooner would have saved a fortune on christmas.

Vanessa M | 18 Dec 2009

I really enjoy the variety of sales that are available. Very useful for christmas and birthday presents!

Gabrielle P | 18 Dec 2009

I LOVE secret sales, plus the return service is first rate. This is an important condition when online shopping. I have used your sales quite a few times now.

KIm D | 18 Dec 2009

Really good site and fab regular emails with the best offers on. Great!

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Brilliant savings!

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The sales are very well presented.

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Great site, have recommended to many of my friends who also enjoy finding unique bargains!

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I love your site!!

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Excellent service whole site is easy to use.

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Very happy with all the items I have purchased - combination of quality and good value.

Tom B | 17 Dec 2009

Great Site and service.

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Excellent brands and good prices.

Victoria JA | 17 Dec 2009

I love secret sales - I use it for any christmas or present shopping I need to do. Also I'm a student so its so good to have somewhere to buy good fashion at a cheaper price.

Thomas O | 17 Dec 2009

Great products, great prices.

Michelle M | 17 Dec 2009

Love the site :-)

Keighley M | 17 Dec 2009

Great website, very helpful and easy to understand.

Hayely D | 17 Dec 2009

Super website and very reasonable delivery charges. I am often put off websites because of their exorbitant postage costs. If eveyrthing turns up when it's expected, I'll be very happy! Easy to navigate and a great variety of different sales to browse.

Vanessa W | 17 Dec 2009

Excellent website, fabulous goods, will order again...! x

Linda W | 16 Dec 2009

Brilliant site!

Annette H | 16 Dec 2009

Very easy transaction, look forward to shopping again x

Rebecca C | 16 Dec 2009

Great site!

Louise M | 16 Dec 2009

Used the site a few times now, and have always been impressed so far.

Joanna F | 16 Dec 2009

Love the site and the e-newsletters : )

Debra B | 16 Dec 2009

Wonderful products always happy to shop with secretsales 5 star service thank you.

Carly L | 16 Dec 2009


Richard H | 16 Dec 2009

Used before as the Customer Service and range of products that you sell are the best that I've found anywhere - keep up the good work!

Louise E | 16 Dec 2009

I love browsing the sales all year round.

Chris B | 16 Dec 2009

I don't shop that much but always check this site for presents for my wife. The site is very quick and easy to use.

Mimi L | 16 Dec 2009

I really enjoy your website and everything that you have to offer! I have saved alot of money through Secret Sales - thank you so much!! And Merry Christmas to all the staff. x x x

Caroline M | 16 Dec 2009

I love the jewelery that is available on this site. Specially when there was free delivery codes.

Angela S | 15 Dec 2009


Abdassalam ML | 15 Dec 2009

Very happy with secretsales.

Stepan K | 15 Dec 2009

A++ website

Xiao YS | 14 Dec 2009

I feel SS get better and better!

Hazel M | 13 Dec 2009

Very straight forward site to use, great savings.

Liz H | 12 Dec 2009

Fabulous site. My all time favourite!

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Excellent site - I look forward to the sales !

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Good range of high quality items.

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I love love love this site, I have saved soooo much!

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Really enjoy the concept of Secret Sales - good range of products and solid service. Will continue to be a happy customer!

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Very good site, I always like to find a quality bargain.

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Fantastic ranges and discounts - one of the best I've used. Thanks.

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Quick and easy process. Have ordered once before and everything went smoothly.

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Fantastic savings!!! Cheers!

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Very happy customer that has used before and will use again. Keep up the good work!

Celia M | 10 Dec 2009

Great site, great sales, tune in every day!

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Beautiful clothing. Perfect packaging. Fast delivery. Great service. Thanks so much!!!!

Deborah M | 09 Dec 2009

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website and the products on sale - something for everyone on your Christmas list.

David S | 09 Dec 2009

My second time with secret sales probably wont be my last well done keep up the good work.

Sheila L | 09 Dec 2009

So quick and easy!

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Excellent site plenty of choice and huge savings!!!!!

Georgia H | 09 Dec 2009

Excellent value, opportunity to buy quality goods at great prices. exciting and new brands without having to walk or travel miles brilliant!

Henrietta G | 09 Dec 2009

Love the offers you have.

June B | 08 Dec 2009

Good choice of products and very good prices.

Natalie J | 08 Dec 2009

I love shopping with Secret Sales!

Jane G | 08 Dec 2009

Am enjoying the sales very much.

Charlotte G | 08 Dec 2009

Your home page is very stylish looking and very easy to navigate and shop, many thanx, cant wait to shop again!!

Emma K | 07 Dec 2009

Good all round service.

Debbie K | 07 Dec 2009

Excellent site, great find.

Alison S | 07 Dec 2009

An amazing find!!

Angela H | 07 Dec 2009

Everything I've bought so far - brilliant!

Lucinda M | 06 Dec 2009

Love the site and the prices.

Craig L | 06 Dec 2009

Very good site. More top brands please!

Luke G | 06 Dec 2009

Great savings very pleased.

Barnes A | 06 Dec 2009

I'm impressed, keep them coming with exclusive sales.

Mandy J | 06 Dec 2009

Very good service.

Jason B | 06 Dec 2009

Great, smashing, super!

Margaret M | 06 Dec 2009

Very easy to shop.

Alison M | 06 Dec 2009

Easy to use with the best discount xx

Sheila L | 04 Dec 2009

All my last minute gifts for xmas sorted.....Brilliant.

Louise M | 04 Dec 2009

Enjoy the sales, would like to see Juicy couture, ted baker, more miss sixty, but the original penguin sales are great.

Graham M | 04 Dec 2009

Excellent display and service - will be back!

Michelle T | 04 Dec 2009

Fantastic Website with great savings!! Very happy customer!

Suril V | 04 Dec 2009

Really good site guys, I'm sure your gonna do well this Xmas.

Stuart M | 04 Dec 2009

Excellent Site - Great Savings.

Tim R | 04 Dec 2009

Great site, used it for years...

Sarah B | 04 Dec 2009

Love your prices!!

Helen C | 04 Dec 2009

Love this site!

Joyce W | 04 Dec 2009

Excellent site. Obtained a lot of excellent bargains through the site.

Jim M | 04 Dec 2009

Brilliant brands, brilliant savings.

Andrea C | 04 Dec 2009

Used Secret Sales before - excellent.

Kimberley P | 04 Dec 2009

Brilliant so far looking forward to receiving my goods now. Thanks !

Stuart O | 04 Dec 2009

One of the best designed shopping sites around!

Christine H | 03 Dec 2009

Impressed with choices and prices, as this is my first order I am really looking forward to receiving item.

Tricia C | 03 Dec 2009

Good service thoughout glad I found you.

Louisa T | 03 Dec 2009

Like the site, good discounts.

Sally M | 03 Dec 2009

Helpful staff when I had a query-thanks.

Annette M | 03 Dec 2009

Easy to shop and have so far been very satisfied with all goods purchased.

Michelle A | 03 Dec 2009

Excellent site. I will be back :o)

Eileen E | 03 Dec 2009

Found the site very easy to use and payment was straight forward. no problems. Thanks.

Janet S | 03 Dec 2009

Great Presents!

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Really excellent site, with some great offers, keep up the good work!

Loan P | 03 Dec 2009

Good service and fast delivery.

Sandra T | 02 Dec 2009

Absolutely Fabulous!

Jenni K | 02 Dec 2009


Alexander M | 02 Dec 2009

Very varied with some great bargains for all.

Jennifer O | 02 Dec 2009

I love this web site!!!

Gemma P | 02 Dec 2009

I love this site- so glad I have a new coat!

Andrew B | 02 Dec 2009

Great discount, great site!

Emily JA | 02 Dec 2009

Excellent service, always happy to buy.

Janine J | 02 Dec 2009

As always, LOVE secret sales x

Zoe Mitchell | 02 Dec 2009

Excellent sales and design of web page. Thanks.

Cecelia D | 02 Dec 2009

I love this website,forever live SECRET SALES!!!!

Dominique A | 02 Dec 2009

Amazed with the amount you can save. Glad I came across this site. Will be using again definitely.

Anne M | 02 Dec 2009

Generally a good shopping experience. Good quality stock.

Jessica A | 02 Dec 2009

I love this site - absolutely brilliant :)

Deirdre M | 02 Dec 2009

I like the fact that you can hide the 'out of stock' items then "show all" on one page.

Katie B | 02 Dec 2009

I love this site! Please keep the vouchers coming, always encourages people to shop :) Merry Christmas! X x

Heather R | 01 Dec 2009

Love the website, its sooo easy to use! will definately be recommending it to more people!

Nicolina H | 01 Dec 2009

Fantastic site as always would love an evoucher one day soon please.x.

Rachel W | 01 Dec 2009

Love the website, very easy to use and loads of lovely stuff to spend my money on!

Thomas M | 01 Dec 2009

Happy with site so far, no problems.

Florence S | 01 Dec 2009

Delighted with your website will shop again in future.

Claire S | 01 Dec 2009

I shop regularly at secret sales and have recommended it to all my friends - I love this website! It beats all the competition. Just wondering when you think that you will have united nude or fly london shoes on sale again? Thanks.

Angela J | 30 Nov 2009

Excellant site, fantastic offers need to keep us up to date re delivery date. Thanks.

Carly L | 30 Nov 2009

Very good produsts and speedy delivery :-)

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This is the first time I shop with you. Pls value my confidence in you. Look forward to receiving my leather jacket in good condition. Best regards.

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I've always found your site easy to use and have been very pleased with items I've ordered before and the sales you promote.

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Thanks for having Paypal on your site - I almost didn't order because I'd have to go and fetch my card but I know my Paypal password so that was much easier.

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Eye catching and easy to use site, full of bargains.

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I have bought items and they have been great, I had to return one item as it was too small and the returns process couldn't have been easier.

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Just love the site, the huge discounts and the £3 discount when you go to check out!

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Quick delivery and first class service.

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Quick,easy & simple and straight forward. I also like that fact that you have to become a member, so not everyone has to know where you purchased your clothes from. I like knowing I will be having that item and not anyone else, as apposed to buying something from the high street which everyone tends to buy too.

Susan R | 28 Oct 2009

I find this a very good site this is the first time I have bought anything from this site but have looked many times.

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I was sent a link about an item, got my friend to send an invite. Managed to sign up, found the item and purchased it in just a couple of minutes - really good so far, haven't looked around the rest of the site, but thus far impressed (and I make websites for a living...)

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Every time I get the message from you that there is a Secret Sale with products from Dyrberg/Kern, I so loook forward to opening day and the fantastic products and prices.

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I really like this sale! I don't come on here too much, only when I really need something and I was happy to find two bags that I really liked for the price of what I'd normally spend on one. Great work!

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I like the products on the website. The website is very good.

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Returning customer, love the website. The close up images are as good as seeing the items in a shop.

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What a good site to go and get a bargain that is affordable, its easy to treat yourself now. Thanks.

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Keep up the good offers ;o)

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Love your site. Gets better and better!

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A great site for things i wouldnt be able to afford at the normal price thank you.

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Overall a very easy to use site , products are good value & returns policy seems very fair (always a consideration when ordering online).

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Excellent site that I use on a regualr basis. Fab.

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I love this site!!! especially the little "someone has this item in their basket, come back later to see if...." CHEEKY but I feel for it!!..

Claire B | 12 Oct 2009

Love the products on here and looking forward to them arriving!

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Easy enjoyable xmas shopping. Love it!

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Service always good -thanks!

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Am impressed with this website. The best so far.

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Very impressed with the secret sales site and the variety it is a pleasure to use and obviously very popular the postal charges could be less for a regular user.

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Great stuff....I could never have found these deals anywhere else. Heaven for an online shopper!!!

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Fantastic website, great idea.

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Love this site! the e-alerts are fab!!

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Wish I had found you sooner! Would have saved me so much! I'm sure I will be using you lots!

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Site was great and easy to use. Many thanks.

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Great site! All friends and family are impressed by the stock you offer.

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Overall, a good shopping experience. Appreciate the evoucher incentive. many thanks.

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Excellent site, maybe a "quick checkout" for previous purchasers. Have and will continue to recommend Secret Sales - word of mouth best form of advertising.

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First purchase but always looking for bargains!

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Very good site.

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I have found some very good and cheap products, great !!

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Lots of lovely intresting things will definately be coming back.

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Great, as always!

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The wesite is very easy to use as was the ordering process.

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So far the service has been good and delivery has always be on time.

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Brilliant sales!

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Always excellent!

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Favourite site of all!

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Enjoyed shopping through your site, very good prices and hope the purchase I made is as good looking as on the site!

Felicia A | 28 Sep 2009

I really had a good time shopping.

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Keep up the good work.x

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Good selection of sales.

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Amazing site, great with the credit crunch!! Can still treat myself for half if not more off original price tag!! Husbands, boyfriends etc can't complain about you spending at these discounted prices plus they can get in on the action too!! Excellent

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Excellant discounts ;)

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I have had a number of items from this s sales and have been very happy with them.

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Always good service, good quality and well packaged.

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Excellent website, fantastic designer goods, have already referred to family/friends and will continue to do so...!

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I like your site and shopping with you. Thank you!

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I have bought a number of items and each time it has been an excellent product and great service from you. Thanks.

Elaine H | 27 Sep 2009

Very good website. Good sales.

Sarah B | 27 Sep 2009

I <3 you

Osric TF | 27 Sep 2009


Lisa C | 25 Sep 2009

I LOVE the fact that (unlike lots of other sites) the search functionality is so good - you can search by availability, size, brand, price - EXCELLENT site, well done and keep up the great bargains!!

Diane T | 25 Sep 2009

Always very good service, including refunds.

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Am very happy with the service provided.

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Website easy to use - roll over detail views very good.

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What a great site will use again!!

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Loved how easy your checkout was !!!

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Very good site, thanks for the reminder emails.

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Excellent photos of items and ability to zoom by rolling over item.

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Great Site. I love it!

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Like the website very much and I am very impressed with the range of goods and brand names which are available.

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Great prices.

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Very easy site to navaigate, with good display of information.

Caishnah R | 20 Sep 2009

I found this website and I adore it the only thing is the delivery charge is a bit much but then again its not as if you can get any of these items on the high street, thank you.

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Amy R | 20 Sep 2009

This site is amazing, 5 star service all round.

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I love you, keep bringing me bargains!

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Great site easy payments will shop again soon.

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Paul-Georges RM | 18 Sep 2009

Well done to all at Secret Sales... This has to be one of the most brilliant websites in both quality and value. The only drawback rests on delivery time... Bravo again!

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This website came into my inbox at work. I was delighted to receive it and will certainly recommend it to my friends.

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Very good choice and quality, having bought from you in the past with no problems .

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Excellent site and prices. Will review regarding delivery after I receive my first order.

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Keep up the good work - I love it!

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Very easy transaction, and being able to use paypal makes it even easier.

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Great site with some real bargains although a more reasonable P&P price would be appreciated or even free p&p offers from time to time. Thanks.

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Easy to use. Great to receive regular email reminders too.

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Easy way to buy, great customer service by phone. I had a dress delivered early for a wedding.

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Love the site because you deliver when you say you'll deliver and so far not cancel orders as your stock seems to be always available very quickly.

Kath W | 11 Sep 2009

Looking forward to my purchase thanks for making it so easy. kx.

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Great site that I visit each day looking for a bargain. Thank you!

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Love your website and have made plenty of purchases already :o)

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Ordered a few times, great service.

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Very good offers on quality products across a broad product range. Hope you will keep adding to your supplier list!

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One of the best I have seen, the sales always go on for a suitable amount of time.

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Would recommend the good service.

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Fast & easy!

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Think you have some fantastic sales, you just have to be quick because all seem popular! Well done.

Jodee S | 08 Sep 2009

I love that Ive spent the last wee drooling over the Hot Milk bra's but not being able to justify the price and now I've been able to buy loads at a fraction of the cost!!

Janet G | 08 Sep 2009

I like this site and have bought a few things now. When I have had to return products the arrangements have always been well made and easy to carry out. I have had to contact customer services by phone and found them extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. All in all, a great site.

John F | 07 Sep 2009

Great website, good produect at great prices. One thing I would change is delivery timescale, apart from that everything else is great A+.

Fran S | 07 Sep 2009

Love this site. Am first time buyer, so hopefully I'll be happy with service too!

Vicki S | 06 Sep 2009

Love the diverse mixture of fashion - keep it coming!!

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Thanks, everything good :-))

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Great site. Shouldn't be kept a secret......

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Good idea to setup a VIP club - will now purchase more products.

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Heidi D | 17 Aug 2009

I love Secret Sales and have told all my friends about it. This is now my only source for shopping which beats walking round town.

Dawn G | 17 Aug 2009

Like to see more childrens brands for clothes, toys and shoes.. Thanks again, used this before and love it..

Leigh S | 17 Aug 2009

Its great, so easy to use and you can pay by pay pal account.

Sam B | 17 Aug 2009

Very good, reasonably priced site with excellent brands.

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Brilliant place to get really funky clothes ect. Great brands.

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Offers great discounts on unique products!

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As I live abroad it is great to see a wide variety of goods. I hope the goods arrive soon I cannot wait to try them. Keep up the good work.

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I think secretsales is one of the best sites on the net, your staff are always nice and polite, and helpful, it's a pleasure to do business with you even if I am 64, thank you!

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Great site with some super clothing.

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I honestly cannot remember at what point or how I signed up to Secret Sales but I absolutely love it!!!

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I am very pleased I found secret sales and impressed with the site so far.

Kirsty Q | 12 Aug 2009

I love this website especially as I love my designer clothes and jewellery absolutely fab.

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Good guys, thanks loads.

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Excellent site, lots of sales.Easy shopping!

Carolyn C | 12 Aug 2009

Love your site!

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Margaret H | 12 Aug 2009

Really look forward to looking on your sites and find them quite exciting! (thats being a women and a bit of a shopacholic)!!

Carolyn C | 11 Aug 2009

I check the site everyday as I love the bargains available. Cost of items, quality and delivery excellent.

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Please keep up the good work.

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Always a speedy service and brilliant quality products.

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Love the site, always come looking for great clothes and accessories. This is my first purchase so I hope it goes well.

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Love everything you do, keep it up xx.

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I like shopping with SecretSales. I think you offer a good variety of sales with competative prices and higly-valued customer service.

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Excellent website...!

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Fantastic sales, and when a delivery of an item was delayed I was kept fully advised by phone as to what was happening. Great customer service!

Emma R | 08 Aug 2009

Really really like it as you can get bits and bobs that I would never realy look at from places I woud never go to. And your really nice and refunded my voucher when it did'nt work for me and I like that personal touch. Thank you.

Marie O | 08 Aug 2009

My last order was great, I was very pleased with my goods.

Sarah H | 08 Aug 2009

Love You x

Sara G | 08 Aug 2009

Excellent products and prices!

Leigh S | 07 Aug 2009

Shopping made easy!

Graham F | 07 Aug 2009

You are darlings...

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As usual excellent website, easy payment.

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Good selection of products.

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Absolutely brilliant web site. Love it!!

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Good customer support too.

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Great site what more can I say!!

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This is fantastic website and as you can see I have grabbed myself some good bargains. Good job guys!

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Fist time I have bought from your site but I belive I have purchased a bargain and my fav shoes. Many Thanks.

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I love it, shame my bank account dosnt feel the same way!!

Emma F | 04 Aug 2009

I love this site! I could easily have spent so much more money. I will definitely be using it again.

Rebecca RC | 04 Aug 2009

I LOVE your site! I share it with select friends but am careful who as I don't want to share the bargains with everyone!!! Many thanks for the great service! Looking forward to more shopping with you x

Elizabeth A | 04 Aug 2009

It has been a fun experience!

Jacqui P | 04 Aug 2009

Very impressed.

Richard D | 03 Aug 2009

E-mail alerts are excellent.

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Love this site!

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Always a joy looking through secret sales something for everyone.

Vicki S | 02 Aug 2009

Loving it so far.

Arlene L | 02 Aug 2009

Great Site - Use All The Time.

Anne-Marie R | 02 Aug 2009

Just brilliant!!!!!

Jenni W | 01 Aug 2009

I think this is a great idea. Everyday something new and a variety of products. I kind of get addicted to check the site every morning @7am!! Love it!

Julie C | 01 Aug 2009

Excellent site, would like more housewares if possible as well.

Kelly P | 01 Aug 2009

Better now it works with a wider range of browsers as I use browsers that are not as widely used.

Denise C | 31 Jul 2009


Jenni S | 31 Jul 2009

Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Charlotte A | 31 Jul 2009

Fantastic! More please! Gorgeous things to splurge on & at cut prices. 10/10

Nichole D | 31 Jul 2009


Lisa F | 31 Jul 2009

I love your site!!

Laura F | 31 Jul 2009

The customer service is very good, if I ever have a query it is promptly responded to. Many thanks.

Kathryn C | 30 Jul 2009

Love the variety on the site but would love to see more kids items in the future.

Maria A | 30 Jul 2009

Excellent service, nothing else to add!

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Great site keep up the good work!

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User friendly & informative.

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Love this range, I've bought these things for my 8 month old grandaughter and her mother, my daughter will be thrilled to bits!! Thanks so much.

Sharon M | 28 Jul 2009

Excellent,great find x

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Great site, love it!

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It's a really good site that others should look at for ideas and a fair price. Cheers.

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Great service all round!

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Excellent - Sales are always worth looking at.

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Great, Fast & Very Easy To Use. Great Stuff.

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Excellent site, enjoy the sales and the different choices at such good value.

Rizwana E | 26 Jul 2009

Great site! Been a member for ages but this is my first purchase!

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As always excellent!

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Very good site- love it!

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I love you, please dont change and keep bringing me the bargains! xx

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Love it, love it!

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I'm addicted!

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Excellent site, very stylish - will definitely recommend.

Yvette PW | 23 Jul 2009

Love shopping with you guys.

Tracey M | 23 Jul 2009

I really enjoy shopping through this website, it's relaxing and hastle free and in my own comfort off my home.

Patrick L | 22 Jul 2009

Very good. Used the sister site ventes-privees before but the navigation and range of sales here are much better. Simple additions such as the filters (especially 'in stock only') make life easier.

Kirsten A | 22 Jul 2009

Really enjoy being able to buy good quality brands at an affordable price!

Ricky AB | 22 Jul 2009


Nadia C | 22 Jul 2009

You always have what I need to buy!

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I love the site, great products, fab prices. Will see how delivery works out and order again.

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Great website I love it!! you can always guarantee a bargain :)

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Always love this site.x

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First time delivery excellent, hope second will be as smooth.

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Am delighted with this site! Fantastic, keep up the good work!

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I like the site, very easy to use & images are quite clear!

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No problems with web site prices are very competitive. I am pleased with what I have brought before.

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Only second time of ordering but last time was very pleased.

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I love your offers!

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Great deals and bargains thank you :)

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Great job folks!

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I have been very pleased with the service you provide and check your site daily.

Kima L | 19 Jul 2009

I love this website, I would love you to please put model numbers or names on your sunglasses!!! Many thanks for your excellent service.

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Katherine H | 19 Jul 2009

I love the fact that you can now search by In Stock Only - a great addition to the site.

Sue C | 19 Jul 2009

I enjoy shopping with Secret Sales and find everything satisfactory so far.

Janice J | 19 Jul 2009

Great, just what I wanted.

Angela B | 18 Jul 2009

Good selection of brands, ranges and sizes. Easy to find what I was looking for.

Marisa A | 18 Jul 2009

Lovely things...I hope anyway! Shipping is a good price too.

Geraldine D | 18 Jul 2009

I love Secret Sales and have ordered lots. Returns are only sent if they don't fit, but always get refunded efficiently. Altogether I am very happy with service given and the products I keep.

James N | 18 Jul 2009


Ged R | 17 Jul 2009

Excellant idea, and great user friendly website.

William L | 17 Jul 2009


Abigail C | 17 Jul 2009

Great site with a fantastic variety of brands.

Siobhan Glider | 17 Jul 2009

I think it is a great site so far, this is my first order. I will be sending on to friends. I love the fact an email comes to tell you of the sales that are on at the time.

Lisa C | 16 Jul 2009

Very good site to use - will definately use again. Love it that you don't get loads of e-mails unless you request them.

Tanya J | 16 Jul 2009

Stumbled across you once - and very glad I did!!!

Augustina A | 16 Jul 2009

Designers at affordable price.

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Excellent site!

Carol M | 15 Jul 2009

Absolutely fantastic site, saved a lot of money with them and got super bargains.

Joanne T | 14 Jul 2009

Great site, excellent value for money and speedy service.

Adam T | 14 Jul 2009

Excellent service.

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I've been using Secret Sales for around a year now and find it a great service. Thanks for all your help!

Leila J | 14 Jul 2009

Easy to navigate, easy to use, too easy to buy!

Maura F | 14 Jul 2009

Really enjoy looking through your site... almost at good as getting to the high street!

Neil J | 14 Jul 2009

Love the site! Please get the puma trainers in again! Thanks.

Brian B | 14 Jul 2009

Always keep me well informed.

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Excellent site with excellent brands........

Vicki S | 13 Jul 2009

Loving it !!

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Great site easy to navigate easy checkout and payment system Highly recommended.

Claire C | 13 Jul 2009

Excellent products and delivery times.

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This site is fab and I've sent it on to all my friends.

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Your sale is fantastic with different brands all the time.

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Excellent site, will use again and will forward to friends!

Naom B | 12 Jul 2009

Find you have very good quality sales which interest me.

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A very nice idea, a feeling of exclusiveness and really democratic prices.

Helen C | 12 Jul 2009

I enjoy using your site and visit every day...

Jeanette R | 12 Jul 2009

If Brandalley are your competitors you're in front. Cheers.

Andy H | 11 Jul 2009

Genius and simple.

Louise E | 11 Jul 2009

Super site!

Kathy M | 11 Jul 2009

Love you website and the great range of clothes and accessories at brillant savings.

Angela D | 11 Jul 2009

Access to an excellent selection of Designer Sales!!

Graham R | 10 Jul 2009

Love the work...

Janette SG | 08 Jul 2009

It's a joy to browse!!!

Rebecca D | 08 Jul 2009

Good selection of sales in process. Can't wait for the some of the upcoming sales inc Kazuri beads!

Joanna B | 08 Jul 2009

Your reminder emails are fantastic.

Vicki S | 07 Jul 2009

Loving it so far!

Vicky R | 07 Jul 2009

Very good!

Serena W | 07 Jul 2009

Absolutely love it - look forward to the delivery of the products!

Hayley D | 07 Jul 2009

Very good site, have liked the sales on this site.

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I love this site...and am happy with the products on offer.

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This is a great site where you can purchase great brand names as ridiculously reduced prices!

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Nice and easy to use will definetly use again and again.

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Good site, with good serach facilities. No problems!

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Excellent site offering an outstanding choice of first class products. I will be shopping with you again - thank you!

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Have used you several times the products I have bought are impressive!

Patricia K | 05 Jul 2009

I found it very easy to use and stept by step guide was very helpful as I have tried to use other sites and were not as easy to use, so thank you.

Maura L | 05 Jul 2009

I've recommended you to a friend who was really pleased.

Faz I | 05 Jul 2009

Very good and easy to use.

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Easy to use good selection and great prices.

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Easy to use and really good offers.

Josh S | 04 Jul 2009

Great deals, Let's hope delivery and goods will match up to expectations. Im sure they will ;)

Catherine N | 03 Jul 2009

Superb service with great sales! Keep them coming!

Kath F | 03 Jul 2009

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Very good site. Am a fan of TKMaxx, but you are as good if not better as I can shop from home. Have recommended it and emailed details of goods to friends and family who are also delighted.

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